CBI Acts on Parking Scam: Examining Officials and Contractors

The fraudulent actions connected to parking contracts in Chandigarh are the subject of an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The CBI has opened a fraud and criminal conspiracy investigation against unnamed public workers and those connected to the parking firms in the wake of disclosures of collaboration between Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (MC) officials and parking firms.

Allegations of Wrongdoing
The probe was prompted by worries that parking companies, working with MC officials, avoided paying the appropriate stamp duty, costing the government money and benefiting illegally. Following the discovery of anomalies in the parking case last year, the CBI seized data pertaining to it.

Action Taken Legally

Based on the results, the CBI has filed a case against M/s Ram Sunder Prasad Singh, the owner of M/s Ram Sunder Prasad Singh, and M/s Pashchatya Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., represented by director Sanjay Sharma and authorized signatory Vikas Pandey, under Section 120-B of the Indian Penal Code. A few MC officials’ roles are also being investigated, notably that of the Additional Commissioner Satish Jain at the time.

parking in chd city(image credit -hindustan times)

Avoidance of Stamp Duty

The findings of the investigation showed that the parking contractors had neglected to pay the required stamp duty on lease and licensing agreements that were signed at the Sub Registrar’s office in Chandigarh. The contractors failed to fulfill their financial responsibilities in accordance with the terms of their agreements, which caused the authorities to lose a significant amount of money.

Dubious Behavior

The investigation also revealed problems in the way MC officials executed the lease deeds. It was discovered that Satish Jain ignored audit mistakes pertaining to stamp duty payments and signed these documents without the required authority.

Initial Investigation

An initial investigation was launched against Sunder and Sharma before the official case registration. It was found that agreements were completed under dubious conditions and after a significant delay, with parking contracts awarded without due diligence.

Continuous Examination

In order to determine the complete scope of misconduct, the CBI will keep reviewing the acts of all parties concerned as the inquiry goes on. The case serves as a reminder of the penalties for fraudulent behavior and emphasizes the significance of accountability and openness in public contracts.

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