Adrian Newey, the esteemed chief designer at Red Bull Racing, is set to depart from the team amidst a dispute involving team principal Christian Horner. Reports from sources familiar with the matter indicate that Newey, widely recognized as one of the greatest Formula 1 designers in history, has expressed his intention to seek out new opportunities.

The 65-year-old, renowned for his significant contributions to Red Bull’s winning cars, has voiced concerns over the recent controversy surrounding Horner, who has been accused of misconduct by a female staff member—an accusation vehemently denied by Horner. While there has been no official announcement from either Red Bull or Newey regarding the situation, it is speculated that Newey’s departure could pose a significant challenge for the team.

Sources suggest that top teams like Ferrari and Aston Martin have shown interest in Newey following news of his availability. Despite being under contract with Red Bull until 2025, Newey is reportedly considering early departure discussions to explore opportunities with a different team in the upcoming season.

Newey’s decision to part ways with Red Bull underscores the ongoing internal power struggles within the team, fueled by conflicts involving Horner, Red Bull motorsport advisor Marko, and other key figures. Despite Red Bull’s internal investigation clearing Horner of any wrongdoing, tensions persist as the complainant appeals the decision.

Newey exits Red Bull after overseeing successful championship-winning seasons with drivers Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Verstappen, who has expressed concerns about the team’s internal dynamics, may be impacted by Newey’s departure, given his pivotal role in the team’s achievements.

While Verstappen has affirmed his allegiance to Red Bull, speculations about his future persist, with Mercedes reportedly attempting to lure him away.

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