Young Tiger Jr NTR is set to star in the much-anticipated movie “War 2” directed by Ayan Mukherjee. Speculation surrounding the film has been rampant, with recent buzz suggesting that Jr NTR, also known as Tarak, will be involved in a shirtless fight scene, raising expectations among fans. This echoes his previous shirtless fight scene in “Aravindha Sametha.”

Reports indicate that this particular fight sequence has been crafted to elicit an intense reaction from the audience. Some comments even suggest that witnessing Hrithik Roshan and Tarak together on screen will be a visual treat. Additionally, there are hints of intriguing plot twists involving Hrithik and Tarak’s characters, with Tarak possibly portraying a dual role.

According to sources, “War 2” boasts a staggering budget of 400 crore rupees, indicating grandeur on a large scale.

In other movie news:

  • Tragedy strikes the film industry with the passing of a renowned actor.
  • Controversy erupts as Laya’s comments about a director go viral.
  • Nagababu sparks a Twitter frenzy with speculation about “Pushpa 2.”

If “War 2” proves to be a success, it could potentially position Tarak as a formidable contender in the Bollywood industry. Jr NTR’s popularity in the Telugu film circuit is undeniable.


Meanwhile, excitement mounts as the first single from the movie “Devara” is set to be released soon.

Reports suggest that “War 2” will feature spectacular action sequences, further adding to the anticipation. With approximately 15 months remaining until its release, fans eagerly await its arrival, hoping for record-breaking box office numbers. Tarak’s rumored role as an agent in the film only adds to the intrigue.

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