Exciting news Southeast Asia just got its very first Apple developer center, and it’s right here in Singapore! This awesome spot, located in Fusionopolis, is designed to help out all the talented developers in our region who create apps for Apple gadgets.

Covering a spacious 20,000 square feet at Fusionopolis in one-north, this center is Apple’s fourth worldwide, joining others in places like Cupertino, Bengaluru, and Shanghai. It’s not just a place to work, though; they offer all sorts of cool stuff like workshops and one-on-one sessions to help developers of all sizes and stages of development.

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of developers in Southeast Asia responsible for over 90,000 apps on the App Store? At this new Singapore center, developers can get direct support from Apple experts and even test out the latest gadgets, like the Apple Vision Pro, a fancy extended reality headset.

photo :Apple

Before, developers had to fly all the way to Cupertino for this kind of support, but now it’s right here in our backyard! It’s super convenient for folks like Oflavia Veranez from Mindvalley, who’s excited that her team can now easily access Apple’s resources.

And it’s not just local companies benefitting – Screening Eagle, a Swiss company with its software headquarters here, is thrilled about the improved collaboration with Apple.

Jakob Lykkegaard, founder of Lykke Studios, sees this new center as a great place for developers to come together, share ideas, and learn from each other. Pretty cool, right?

For more details on what’s happening at the center, check out https://developer.apple.com/events/developer-centers/.

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