Guess what? Rapper Badshah recently jetted off from Chandigarh to Dubai, all in the name of “rescuing” Pakistani actor Hania Aamir! And you know what’s even cooler? Hania took to her Instagram to give us a sneak peek into their Dubai adventures.

In one of her posts, Hania shared a cute photo of her and Badshah striking a pose. Hania flashed a victory sign while Badshah was caught fixing his hair. Rocking a beige T-shirt and denim, Hania looked effortlessly stylish, while Badshah kept it cool in a black tee and pants. And hey, they even shared a glimpse of their yummy meal in another pic!

Badshah with pakistani actor Hania amir

But wait, it gets even better! Hania also treated us to a hilarious video of her and Badshah goofing around in Dubai. Badshah, being his witty self, gave us a funny commentary as they enjoyed the Dubai skyline. And let’s not forget the moment when Hania jokingly thanked Badshah for “rescuing” her all the way from Chandigarh!

In another video, the dynamic duo pretended to be at a concert, cracking jokes and having a blast in a garden. Badshah showcased his singing skills while Hania showered him with love and teased him about his social media game. Their playful banter was just too cute!

And get this, this isn’t the first time Hania and Badshah have hung out in Dubai. They had a blast together back in December 2023, and it looks like their friendship is still going strong. Here’s to more fun-filled adventures and unforgettable memories.

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