In a significant move, the Karnataka government has decided to scrap the four-year graduation program, opting instead for the traditional three-year undergraduate (UG) courses. This decision comes just before the CUET Exam 2024, affecting students aiming for higher education.

Reason Behind the Decision:
The decision to do away with the four-year degree program follows recommendations from the Karnataka State Education Policy Commission, led by Professor Sukhdeo Thorat. The Commission’s interim report suggested streamlining degree program durations and curriculum frameworks. Consequently, the government has chosen to stick with the three-year degree program for the academic session 2024-25.

Implications for CUET UG 2024 Candidates:
For students gearing up for the CUET UG 2024 exams, it’s important to note this change. Instead of the expected four-year courses, students will now only have the option to enroll in three-year degree programs.

Future Considerations:
While most recommendations from the Commission have been embraced by the government, decisions regarding implementing a Multi Entry and Exit System in degree courses are still pending. Further decisions will be made once the Commission submits its final report.

Specialization Rules for UG Admission in Karnataka Colleges:
The Karnataka government has clarified the rules for specialization in UG courses. Government universities and affiliated colleges can offer general degrees with three major subjects throughout all six semesters or specialize in one subject during the 5th and 6th semesters. Additionally, minors with specialization in one subject are also an option.

With these changes, Karnataka aims to streamline its higher education system while ensuring academic excellence and student well-being.