In a recent development near the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Shamshabad, Hyderabad, forest officials have initiated a swift operation following the sighting of a leopard.

Quick Response: Forest Department Takes Charge

Upon detecting the leopard’s presence through CCTV cameras installed around the airport vicinity, the Forest Department wasted no time and launched an operation to capture the animal.

Strategic Measures: Traps and Surveillance

Forest personnel deployed trap cameras and set up cages as part of their efforts to secure the area and capture the leopard safely.

Local Concern: Residents Advised to Stay Alert

The appearance of the leopard near residential areas has understandably caused concern among residents. Authorities have urged caution and advised locals to remain vigilant.

Airport Intrusion: Prompt Alert

The leopard was spotted near the aircraft repair center, triggering an immediate response from the Airport Control Room. Airport authorities swiftly alerted the Forest Department, prompting action.

Focused Efforts: Identification Through CCTV

Utilizing CCTV footage, officials pinpointed the location where the leopard was seen and concentrated their efforts in that area to track and capture the animal.

Past Incidents: History of Encounters

Instances of leopards venturing into areas close to human settlements on the outskirts of the city have occurred before. In 2020, a similar incident took place in the Rajendranagar area, highlighting the need for ongoing vigilance and proactive measures by the Forest Department to ensure the safety of both wildlife and residents.

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