Harnessing the power of machine learning, the AR lens intelligently predicts the 3D surface of the hand, enabling a lifelike simulation tailored to each user’s unique hand shape.

Cartier is marking a century of its beloved Trinity Collection with an exciting new experience on Snapchat! This innovative blend of luxury fashion and cutting-edge technology aims to bring Cartier closer to its audience worldwide.

Introducing the Cartier Trinity Ring Lens, users can now virtually explore the famous collection, try on the iconic Classic Trinity Ring, and even make purchases right from their devices. Powered by advanced technology like Ray Tracing and Hand Tracking, the AR try-on experience promises an incredibly realistic feel. As you move your hand, the ring adjusts elegantly, giving you a glimpse of how it would look on your finger.

Developed in collaboration with Cartier, this groundbreaking technology reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and precision. Using machine learning, the AR lens accurately predicts the shape of your hand, ensuring a lifelike simulation tailored just for you.

Now, Snapchat users can dive into Cartier’s Trinity Collection from anywhere, enjoying the same experience as trying on jewelry in-store but with the convenience of your phone. Available worldwide for both iOS and Android users, the Cartier Trinity Ring Lens invites fashion lovers to indulge in the timeless elegance of Cartier’s Trinity Collection like never before. Simply scan the Snapcode or visit Cartier’s profile on Snapchat to start your unforgettable AR journey!