Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated his commitment to combating terrorism during a public rally in Rishikesh on April 11. Emphasizing the strength of the government under his leadership, Modi declared that terrorists are facing tough action under the “strong Modi government.”

Addressing the crowd, He stated, “Whenever we have had a weak government in the country, our enemies have taken advantage. Under this strong government, our forces are taking the fight to the terrorists on their own turf.”

This assertion echoes Modi’s previous remarks in 2019, following the Indian Air Force’s airstrikes on Pakistan. At that time, he criticized the opposition for questioning the motives behind the military action, asserting, “It is our principle to take the attack home.”

Modi also highlighted the BJP’s efforts in prioritizing the safety and security of Indian soldiers, contrasting it with the alleged negligence during the Congress regime. He pointed out the strides made in manufacturing indigenous defense equipment and enhancing infrastructure along the borders for security and progress.

Moreover, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh reaffirmed the government’s firm stance on counterterrorism during a recent TV interview. He emphasized that India will respond forcefully to any attempts to disrupt peace within its borders, including pursuing terrorists into Pakistan if necessary.

Singh’s remarks came in response to reports alleging Indian intelligence agencies’ involvement in targeted operations against terrorists in Pakistan, signaling India’s assertive approach to national security.

In conclusion, Modi’s speech in Rishikesh underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to combatting terrorism and ensuring national security.

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