Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnsn finds himself under scrutiny as an exposé by The Wrap sheds light on his alleged unprofessional conduct on the set of the upcoming film Red One. The report unveils instances of chronic tardiness that reportedly incurred significant financial losses for the production.

According to insiders cited in the report, Johnsons habitual tardiness, with delays of up to 7-8 hours daily, disrupted the filming process, leading to costly setbacks. Sources suggest that these delays inflated the production costs of Red One by an estimated $50 million, pushing the total budget to $250 million.

While studio sources contest these claims, maintaining that Johnson’s lateness never exceeded an hour, reports of similar behavior on other projects, including the Apple TV show Ballers and the 2018 film Rampage, emerge in the exposé.


Moreover, the report delves into Johnson’s strained relationships with co-stars, notably Vin Diesel and Ryan Reynolds. Allegedly, a disagreement between Johnsons and Reynolds during the filming of Red Notice resulted in a heated altercation, leading to a prolonged rift between the two actors.

Aside from interpersonal conflicts, the exposé also reveals Johnson’s unconventional habit of urinating in water bottles while on set. While Johnso has previously acknowledged this practice, insiders claim that he would delegate the disposal of these bottles to his team or personal assistant.

Despite these controversies, Johnsons upcoming project, A24’s The Smashing Machine, a biopic about UFC fighter Mark Kerr, directed by Ben Safdie, remains on his radar.

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