During a recent concert in Dubai, Bollywood sensation Arijit Singh found himself in an adorable moment when he failed to recognize Pakistani actress Mahira Khan among the attendees. However, what followed was truly heartwarming.Singh was performing at the concert, belting out the soulful song “Zaalima” from the film “Raees,” not realizing that Mahira Khan, the very actor on whom the song was picturized, was seated in the front row. Rectifying his oversight, Singh took a charming approach to make amends.

In a video making rounds on social media, Arijit Singh is heard saying on stage, “You guys must be surprised, should I reveal. I should reveal in a very nice way. Can we have a camera there? I have been trying to recognize this person, then remembered I have sung for her. Ladies and gentlemen, Mahira Khan sitting right in front of me. Think about it, I was singing her song ‘Zaalima,’ and it’s her song, and she was singing and standing, and I couldn’t recognize her. I am so sorry. Ma’am, gratitude and thank you so much.”

Mahira Khan, graciously acknowledging arijit Singh sweet gesture, smiled and waved at the audience, clad in a lovely attire.

On a personal note, Mahira Khan tied the knot with businessman Salim Karim last year, sharing glimpses from her wedding festivities on social media. Their wedding picture, marked by an intimate moment under a veil, captured the essence of their special day. Previously married to Ali Askari, with whom she shares a son named Azlan, Mahira Khan continues to grace the screen with her talent, set to appear alongside Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed in the Netflix series “Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo.”

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