Get ready for horror! Watch “Shaitaan,” starring Ajay Devgn and R. Madhavan, on Netflix right now.

Horror fans, rejoice! The much-awaited Bollywood thriller “Shaitaan” debuted in theaters tonight, presenting a spine-tingling sensation unlike anything else. This exciting movie, which is directed by Vikas Bahl, who is well-known for his critically acclaimed work on “Queen,” stars the gifted Jyothika, the formidable Ajay Devgn, and R. Madhavan. As you venture into a realm of dark magic and survival, get ready to be on the edge of your seat.

However, what about individuals who want to enjoy their shocks while relaxing in their own homes? Netflix has saved the day, so don’t worry! “Shaitaan” fans will soon be able to lose themselves in the horrifying story from the comfort of their couches, as it has been reported that the streaming behemoth has purchased the movie’s digital rights. Patience is necessary, though, since the Netflix web version is anticipated to emerge two months following its theatrical release. Put this on your calendars and get ready for a scary evening!

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“Shaitaan” is an Indian supernatural horror movie that is a compelling remake of the 2023 Gujarati smash film “Vash.” For those who are not familiar with the unsettling plot, please click here. The story revolves around a seemingly content family that goes on vacation to a remote village only to run across an unknown stranger with dark plans. Using their knowledge of black magic to unleash terrible forces, the family must muster all of their bravery to fight the evil that threatens to devour them.

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