Amidst a normal day at schools in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore city and Kancheepuram district, a sudden wave of panic swept through students, staff, and parents as bomb threats were reported at two educational institutions. The targeted schools, namely the PSBB Millennium School in Coimbatore and a private school in Kancheepuram district, found themselves thrust into a state of alarm.

The PSBB Millennium School in Coimbatore was shaken when an ominous email arrived on a Sunday night, while a private school in Kancheepuram district received a hoax call on Monday morning, intensifying the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. Promptly responding to the threats, local law enforcement and bomb disposal units swiftly descended upon the PSBB Millennium School, initiating a thorough investigation to ensure the safety of all individuals on the premises.

investigation from bomb squid

Despite the diligent efforts of the authorities, no explosives were discovered, offering a momentary relief but leaving lingering questions about the origin and motive behind the threats. A scene captured on video outside the PSBB Millennium School depicted police officers engaging with concerned individuals, while school buses cautiously entered the compound, reflecting the tense atmosphere and heightened security measures in place.

In light of the unsettling events, an extensive inquiry has been launched to identify the individuals responsible for sending the threatening email and making the hoax call. With ongoing examinations for class 11 students, the police have implemented additional security protocols to safeguard the schools and their occupants.

Rigorous screening procedures have been enforced, ensuring that no unauthorized individuals gain access to the premises without thorough scrutiny, underscoring the paramount importance of prioritizing the safety and well-being of students, staff, and parents in such distressing circumstances.

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