During his visit to Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a powerful message about transparency and inclusivity. He took a swipe at the INDIA bloc, an opposition coalition, criticizing them for their involvement in corruption and nepotism.

PM Modi emphasized that his life is an open book, and he considers the 140 crore people of India as his family. He highlighted his dedication to serving all citizens, regardless of their background or social status. He asserted that every individual, especially the marginalized and disadvantaged, is a part of his extended family.

The Prime Minister’s remarks reflect his commitment to accountability and integrity in governance, as well as his vision of a united and inclusive India.

Additionally, PM Modi’s visit also shed light on India’s advancements in nuclear technology, particularly the indigenous Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR). This reactor core, comprising control, blanket, and fuel subassemblies, represents a significant milestone in India’s three-stage nuclear power program.

With the PFBR, India is moving forward in its quest for sustainable energy solutions, utilizing reprocessed fuel to generate power and reducing reliance on traditional sources. This demonstrates India’s commitment to innovation and self-reliance in the field of nuclear energy.

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