The Indian government launched the Prime Minister Vishwakarma yojna in September 2023, which is a critical initiative designed to provide broad assistance to artists and craftspeople across the country. This design has great significance; it is named after the Hindu deity Vishwakarma, who is highly regarded for his artistry.

The primary goal of the PM Vishwkarma yojna is to proviide continuous, comprehensive support to artists and craftspeople working in a variety of fields. It was introduced on September 17, 2023 by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSME), and is intended for craftspeople in eighteen specific trades, including as weaving, carpentry, blacksmithing,

The main goals of the PM Vishwkarma yojna are outlined below:

Enhancement of Knowledge and Skill: Through seminars nd specialized training programs, this effort places a high priority on the development of skills. Craftspeople can better satisfy changing market demands by developing new techniques and refining their traditional abilities.

Increasing Quality and Productivity: By giving artisans access to contemprary tools and equipment, the program aims to increase the caliber and output of their work.

Facilitating Financial Access: Through the provision of loans without collateral and other financial support method, the initiative enables craftsmen to overcome obstacles impeding their businesses’ growth. It facilitates marketing initiatives, equipment purchases, and raw material investments, all of which support long-term growth.

Encouraging Digital Integration: With a focus on digital transactions, the program seeks to improve financial inclusion and literacy among artisans. Additionaly, it promotes the creation of a digital footprint for their companies, increasing exposure and market outreach.

Building Market Connections: By means of e-commerce platforms, active involvement in trade show, and smart branding, the program strengthens market connections for craftsmen on  national and worldwide scale. its  increases their earning potential by diversifying their sales outlets.

Preservation of Traditional Crafts: An important part of preserving and promoting Indian rich legacy of traditional crafts is the program’s assistance to artists and their abilities. This unwavering dedication guarantees that these venerable customs will survive and thrive for many more decades.

Empowering People and Communities: In the end, the PM Vishwakarma Scheme aims to provide the necessary tools & resources for self-sufficiency nd financial success to individual craftspeople and craft communities. By doing this, it makes a major contribution to India’s overall goals for social and economic development.

Individuals who are 18 years of age or older and operating traditional family-oriented businesses in the unorganized sector are eligible to apply for this program. required paperwork, such as a voter ID, an Aadhar card, business evidence, a mobile number, and bank account information, evidence of income and, if appropriate, a caste certificate are needed.

This initiative main goal is to improve the caliber and availability of goods and services provided by craftsmen and craftspeople. Moreover, it aims to simplify their incorporation into regional and worldwide value chains, enabling their increased market penetration & efficiency.

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