The United Arab Emirates is currently experiencing heavy rainfall, leading to flooding on major highways and disruptions in flights at Dubai International Airport. This rainfall, described by the government as the most significant in recent years, began on Monday night and continued into Tuesday evening. By Tuesday evening, Dubai, known for its desert climate, had received over 120mm (4.75in) of rain, a quantity that typically represents the average rainfall for an entire year. In some inland areas, more than 80mm (3.2in) of rain fell within a 24-hour period, nearly reaching the annual average of about 100mm. While rain is rare in the UAE, occurring primarily during the cooler winter months, its intensity during this period has caused flooding in homes and abandonment of vehicles on roads throughout Dubai. To alleviate the situation, authorities have deployed tanker trucks to pump away excess water from the streets. The lack of regular rainfall has left many roads and other areas without adequate drainage systems, exacerbating the impact of the heavy downpour.