After two years of persistent struggle, residents of the Centurion Park Society in Noida finally have something to cheer about as they now have access to DG backup facilities. This development comes as a huge relief for the more than 1500 families residing in the society who were previously living without any power backup. The absence of such a backup system meant that residents often faced discomfort during the scorching summer months, enduring power outages that left them without electricity for extended periods.

The lack of backup power also posed safety risks, particularly for those using elevators, as they risked getting trapped during power failures. Frustrated with the situation, the residents had been petitioning the NBCC (National Buildings Construction Corporation) and the Court Receiver for the installation of a DG backup system for quite some time.

Last year, the situation reached a boiling point when residents endured a power outage lasting approximately 36 hours during a particularly intense heatwave. Following continued pressure from the residents, a meeting was held with the Executive Director of NBCC, who promised to expedite the installation process and ensure that the system would be equipped with automation features.

Yogendra Singh, the Chairman of Centurion Park-2 Valley, highlighted the challenges faced by residents living in a high-rise society without backup power, emphasizing the importance of this development in enhancing residents’ comfort and safety.

While the DG testing has commenced, there are still some administrative formalities pending. However, Sujeet Kumar, the Secretary General of Centurion Park Lorries, expressed optimism that these issues would be resolved soon, allowing for the smooth handover of the backup system to the residents’ association.

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