Oscars Predictions regarding the top categories have been making the rounds as excitement grows. Certain wins are clear-cut, but others are still up for grabs. The competition is difficult, with nominees like Cillian Murphy for Best Actor and “Oppenheimer” for Best Picture. Who will win the most desired prizes on Oscar night will remain a mystery until later.

The Period Before the Oscars
Apart from the reported “snub” of Barbie, the smash success of last year, the run-up to the 96th Academy Awards has been surprisingly unremarkable. Greta Gerwig, the filmmaker of Barbie, missed out on the directing prize despite the fact that Barbie received eight nominations. But the Oscars are democratic, and financial success isn’t a guarantee of a nomination. Barbie’s popularity is being leveraged for this year’s ceremony, which has special performances and references to the movie’s box office success.

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Changes and Updates
This year, the Oscars ceremony is scheduled to start one hour early and last for a maximum of three and a half hours. Jimmy Kimmel, the host, will have his hands full, keeping the action moving quickly. Nonetheless, it could be difficult to keep the performance brief given how unpredictable live events can be.

New Exhibitions
Though it’s not been completely addressed, there are rumors that there might be political protests during the Oscars, modeled after similar activities at previous award shows. Although more security has been put in place, the Oscar organizers have assured that the winners’ speeches won’t be obstructed, so statements may still be made. The possibility of controversial speeches is still unknown, though, unless there are upset victories or vocal people like producer James Wilson.

How to Pay Attention
E! and ABC will begin coverage for US audiences, first with red carpet activities and proceeding into the main ceremony. ITV has acquired the broadcast rights for the UK, and 7Bravo and Channel 7 in Australia will cover the event.

How to Watch Oscars:

In the US, Live from the Red Carpet* at 14:00 PT/17:00 ET will precede Brunch at the Oscars on the E! channel at 12:00 PT/15:00 ET.

The Oscars Red Carpet Show on ABC begins at 15:30 PT/18:30 ET and runs until 16:00 PT/19:00 ET, when the event takes place.
It is anticipated that the event will end at 19:30 PT/22:30 ET.

In the UK, ITV has obtained the rights; the show will air live on ITV1 at 22:15 GMT and streamed on ITVX starting at 21:30 GMT.

In Australia, Channel 7’s Red Carpet Live airs at 09:30 AEDT, and E!’s red carpet coverage begins at 08:00 AEDT on 7Bravo.
At 10:00 a.m. AEDT, the ceremony gets underway.

Getting Ready
There is a ton of reading material available before the Oscars, including analysis, predictions, and insights into the nominations. Everyone may appreciate something, from reviews of Oscar-nominated movies to important figure interviews and what’s inside the renowned goodie bags.


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